Getting back to work again

After far too many years of sloth, it is time to update the bimrocks site. Update? More like give the site a thorough cleaning, retrofit, remodel…

Why now?

A colleague in Iran suggested gently that the site needed some overhaul. He had found it useful when starting his research a few years ago but I thinks it should be improved. He is right, I realized abashedly.

So – in a flurry of stressful effort I managed to migrate all three of my websites to a new, much improved Host last week: SiteGround. No more do I have to hassle with my old host Yahoo Small Business, which no longer is useful nor even responsive to my frequent requests for Help!. And, with WordPress even more intuitive to work with nowadays, I may actually enjoy the editing of my sites.

I have a lot of work to do on this site so bear with me – and, check back now and again! Feel free to leave Comments.

Dr Ed Medley

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On First Encountering Melange

This tale has been told before (at my website but it is not a bad story and can bear re-telling..

My life and career lurched abruptly  in early 1989, when I first encountered a melange.

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Scale Independence – Aha! Moment

I had an Aha! moment this afternoon while trawling through my draft posts for I came across the title Soul-Soaring (Fract)Elation for an unwritten draft, the provenance of the title being from the Q&A session after one of my Jahns Lectures at California State University at Fresno last year (2008).

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