Field Trips

Field Trips: Notes and Guides

Over the years I have enjoyed many Field Trips and led a few. Some of the Guides for my Field Trips are available here for download. I also include some Notes from a very enjoyable European Field Trip, which featured only a little about bimrocks, but was a lot of fun.

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Use the resources freely, but please credit  authors! All resources are provided on the condition that they be used for sole use, and for the non-commercial purpose of scientific and engineering research.

A Melange: Chunks of Franciscan Geology in a Matrix of Tourist Chatter, 2008: Private Melange/Bimrocks Field Trip, ARMA American Rock Mechanics Association), San Francisco, California, Saturday June 28 2008 (E. Medley). NOTE: the 2008 Guide was significantly updated for a  2018 Field Trip organized for a Conference of the International Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists.

Golden Gate Bridge Field Trip, 2005: for GeoSyntec GWAG Conference, Oakland, California, Sunday Sept 18 2005 (E. Medley)

Field Trip Guide for Tunnels Through Fault Rocks and tectonic Melanges: A Short Course for Engineering Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers – El Cerrito Quarry and Caldecott Tunnel in Berkeley; June 2002 (made available through the permission of the San Francisco Section of the Association of Engineering Geologists (E. Medley, J Wakabayashi and B. Mathieson)

 Invited Guest’s Observations on 12-Day European Field TripEngineering Geology in Engineering Works in Greece-Italy-France-Switzerland with Emphasis on Case Histories of Great Failure; 3rd Year Civil Engineering Course, National Technical University of Athens, Greece;  Trip Leader Prof. Paul Marinos et al; March 20-March 31, 2010. (E Medley).