Picture Gallery

This page is a work in progress – images will be added as I have time.  I suggest you look at the images using the PicLens viewer. You are welcome to use  these images but please credit them appropriately, either to myself or to the person indicated. The  photographs here are offered by myself and others who have kindly extended their permission. Please contact me if you want to contribute content to this site but note that I only post useful and well-presented material.  Use the resources freely, but please credit  authors! All resources are provided on the condition that they be used for sole use, and for the non-commercial purpose of scientific and engineering research.

Gallery: Gwna Melange – North Wales [nggallery id=1]

Gallery: Franciscan Complex Melanges, California

[nggallery id=2]

Gallery: Other Bimrocks [nggallery id=3]