An Introduction to Bimrocks is an annotated PowerPoint presentation summarizing bimrocks issues, available as:

*To see the detailed notes, open the Notes pane below the slide pane once the file is opened in Normal View (slide Edit mode) in PowerPoint; or open Notes Pages in View dialog to see thumbnail of slide and notes on one page.


Other presentations

For a list of my presentations on bimrocks, see here – those available for download include the following. The  presentations here are offered by myself and others who have kindly extended their permission. Please contact me if you want to contribute content to this site but note that I only post useful and well-presented material. Use the resources freely, but please credit  authors! All resources are provided on the condition that they be used for sole use, and for the non-commercial purpose of scientific and engineering research.

Coli, N., R. Bruno and P. Berry, 2009; La contribution de la Géostatistique à la Caractérisation des “Bimrock” (The Contribution of Geostatistics to the Characterization of Bimrock); Journèes de Géostatistique, Fountainbleau, France, Sept. 24-25, 2009.

Coli, N., P. Berry and D. Boldini, 2010; In Situ Large Size Non Conventional Shear Tests for the Mechanical Characterization of a Bimrock; Eurock 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland, 15-18 June, 2010.

Medley, E., 2012; “Simple Concepts Useful for Characterizing Complex Bimrocks Underlying Slopes“; in “Landslide and Slope Stability 1-Day Short Course for Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers”; by AEG-Inland Empire Chapter and the ASCE-GI/San Bernardino/Riverside Geotechnical Committee; Saturday May 12, 2012 at U. California at Riverside, Extension Center, Riverside, CA.

Medley, E., 2008; Engineering the Geological Chaos of Franciscan and Other Bimrocks; Session 12: Melanges, Mixed Materials and Chaotic Rocks, Am. Rock Mech. Assn. Conference 2008, San Francisco, CA; Tuesday, July 1 2008  (See also: informal Field Trip Guide to Franciscan Complex melanges near San Francisco).

Medley, E., 2005; Observations on Chaotic Failure Surface Trajectories in Bimrocks(Block-in-Matrix Rocks), Assn. Eng. Geologists Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, September, 2005. (9.7 Mb Powerpoint presentation).

Medley, E, 1992; Engineering Classification of Melanges and Similar Block-in-Matrix Rocks – an Initial Step Toward Rock Mass Classification, E. Medley, PhD Oral Examination presentation, Dept. Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, CA; November 13, 1992. (3.7 MB PDF Download)